It was mid July when we became friends.
Had lunch together and shared pouch eggs—you’d wait for me during exams and we’d walk across the school’s field; laughing ’bout memes and nonsensical shits.

It was end of September, when we argued about your new peers—’till you left. And t’was November 5th when you apologized for they weren’t real, at least, I’m still and will ever be.

Month’s gone, losing count of all the things we used to share. Vision’s becoming blur as I stood before this lonely field of grass; how come a distant memory—you would last.


Outside for the first time, after a long while; everything feels like a trace of lonely afternoon breeze that touches the end of my chapped lips—making me quiver in lonesome, dread and fear.

For the thought of having shadows lighten me, make me feel safe, however, little by little burdens me. With a superfluous weight I never needed, opinions I always take heed that worsens me, pains me and destroys me–instead of consoling.

Sometimes, everything we see isn’t the real visage of people

Everyone is two-faced

Three, four, five

It’s a matter of who’s who

And whose intentions are not after hurting you.